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lv-N Šim lietotājam latviešu valoda ir dzimtā valoda.
en-2 This user has intermediate knowledge of English.
ru-1 Этот участник владеет русским языком на начальном уровне.
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I am from LV wikipedia. (user:yyy) (also in EN wikipedia as user:yyy). I am here to translate interface messages in Latvian.

  • IRC channel in freenode network: mediawiki-i18n
  • Bugs in bugzilla.
    • About state of LV interface translation (#6207)(resolved),
    • Wikipedia specific: #13271 (portal namespace) and #13272 (sitename for lv wikipedia). (both resolved at apr19,2k8)
    • Sorting order in categories and lists (#164)(no solutions, has a lot of dupes, halfway in comments has semifunctional implementation proposals)(last remaining large scale localization issue for LV)

Other users:


Interface translations in Special:Allmessages - mostly done, except for:

  • some messages in upload file; (should be completed)
  • almost all EXIF field names for images; (can wait)(not really important)
  • almost all fetures not used in wikipedia (login required to edit, login required to view, etc) (can wait as well)
  • some maintence interface messages (locking and unlocking database) (not top priority, either)

Status after update 2k6.jun.17

  • Display of large numbers, seems to work correctly.
  • New plural implementations however does not works as specified. (On Special:Statistics)
  • Grammar implementation cannot be directly tested, because {{grammar:}} contains hardcoded names for possible sitenames.
  • Namespace names either are not implemented yet, or problem might be located somewhere else.

Update after arround 1. jul

  • Namespace names works.
  • Display of large numbers, too.
  • (these two works in lv wikipedia, too, after svn update)
  • Grammar implementation cannot be tested, because lv wikipedia's SITEMANE variable is set to wikipedia, where GRAMMAR does not applies.
  • NEW - modiefied alphabetic order, for sorting articles in categories. In Latvian alphabet modified letters comes directly after letters they modified, for example: ā comes after a, č comes after c, and so on, not ā after z, as it is implemented now. Have to find ways of modifying alphabet table.


Some main documentation pages have been lost (or it was just me, who lost their location), currently the hardest issue is GRAMMAR kwd (or how was it called). One example implementation is found in Mediawiki:sitestats/lv.

Unfuzzy fixed fuzzied entries over timeframe 27apr - 18jul.