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This category is still incomplete, you can look Languages by code or Languages by country or region instead, if you don't find your language in the families listed here.

Note that a few of these categories may still appear as empty even though there are translators on this wiki for some of their languages and they have a language portal. Please help to categorize your languages consistently (most major languages or languages that are spoken in multiple countries have already been categorized), first by family and then by country or region (official or majority languages recognized in each country or one of its subdivision should be subcategorized specifically).

Not all of categories for all languages are created on this wiki because they are not supported by active translators. See also wikipedia:en:Language family and wikipedia:en:Category:Language families for a more complete classification, or glottlog/family for the most uptodate classification including for languages that are still not encoded in ISO 639 (even if it references more than 7000 languages; note that Glottolog does not list superfamilies when their grouping is not formally established and varies depending or authors, or if the traditional superfamilies have been deprecated when they were polyphyletic or partial).