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This is where we collect information about the experiences about updating the CLDR for the time box in 2012. We want to know if your language is correct and complete and if not what your experience is in editing for your language.

What to do

Incorrect or incomplete data

Your language or locale is missing

  • A request has to be made for new languages or locales.
    • When you make a request, you commit yourself to provide the minimal amount of data.
    • With the request you have to include the Core Data for New Locales.
      • In this data they mention "official status" when a language does not have an official status anywhere, do provide information anyway, do mention that the language does not have an official status and do report that you made the request here.
    • When your language or locale is added, please read the instruction for the survey tool
    • Please complete the minimally required information first and the translations for language names next.
    • Make the necessary changes and let us know on this page when you are done.

When there are problems with the CLDR Survey tool

he - Hebrew

Amir tried out the survey tool; he reported the following issues.

  1. Notice the empty box in the calendar
  2. Notice the date format - they see that my language is Hebrew, but show me the American format.
  3. Notice the RTL bug in "(Schedule (Tentative".
This screenshot doesn't show the survey tool, it shows which is a Google doc. The Date there is just text. Anyways, fixed, cleaned up some crufty markup in that sidebox, and put in some LRMs. --Srl295 (talk) 17:59, 14 April 2012 (UTC)