Language support team/FAQ

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General questions

Why language support teams?
When a person knowledgeable about his language works together with the developers who deal with the technical implementation of linguistic characteristics, his effort can help many users.
Why use as the focus for the language support teams?
The need for support for a language is not limited to use within the Wikimedia Foundation. At we support many open source applications and all of them benefit. As our focus will be in supporting standards for all our languages, any and all organisation who use these standards will benefit.

First steps

  • Create yourself an account and user page here at
  • Make sure that we can contact you by e-mail.
  • Please subscribe to the I18n mailing list. It's public and with open subscription.

What you can do immediately

If you don't know where to report a problem, write on Support or to the mailing list.

  • Check Gender features and update their status with regard to your language if needed.
  • Check if Plural rules for your language are correctly implemented. [If not, report where?] There's already a list of inconsistencies and missing languages, to be checked first, and a bigger table for comparisons.
  • Check if your language is supported in the CLDR standard. If it is, check if it is correct and if it is complete. If it is not, please start with adding the basic information for your language. See CLDR. This is one of our main efforts now; see also CLDR-2012.
  • Check if there is a need for a font to support your language. This may be because particular characters are required for your language. [Report where?]
  • Check if there is a need for a keyboard mapping for your language. This may be because people are used to a particular layout. [Report where?]