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This month's subject: Translation Rally

Hello, dear user.

This is our e-mail newsletter for August 2009. It intends to keep you updated on's developments, and is also aimed at reminding you to visit at least once every month to update the language(s) you have been contributing to in the past, so that the localisations will stay up to date. Because our shortage of staff time, it has been 6 months since we have sent out our last newsletter. We hope to make it worth your while :)

Translation Rally: Contribute 500 MediaWiki translations and share in 1,000 Euro!

In the last week of 2008 we had a translation rally. All translators that would contribute more than 500 translations to MediaWiki would share the 1,000 Euro bounty. To our astonishment 35 users managed to reach this milestone.

Sponsored by Stichting Open Progress, with a grant from Vereniging Wikimedia Nederland's "International Projects" fund, we are able to have another translation rally with about the same conditions. The Translation Rally has already started and will run until 18 August 2009 24:00 UTC. See the project page for details.

Other News

Niklas Laxström (aka Nikerabbit), founder of, has entered into the Google Summer of Code 2009 program and has already been making many improvements to the MediaWiki Translate extension. We are very much looking forward to no longer having to open new tabs to edit messages, for example. staff remains being most committed to the site's translators.

We welcome feedback about this newsletter. Please let us know by sending a reply to this mail. We will try to accommodate your wishes.

Siebrand Mazeland staff

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