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  • Done Done sv: please commit the Swedish LanguageSv.php and MessagesSv.php to SVN (actually I am not certain if LanguageSv.php needs to be updated)
  • Done Done te: please add a linktrail to Telugu (te) as mentioned at linkprefix and linktrail (section "category:Indic scripts") and commit it to SVN. Thanks in advance! "linktrail" for Telugu (te) should cover all Telugu codepoints. So it will be:
  • Done Done hu: please commit LanguageHu.php to SVN. Grants to Tgr. Thanks in advance!


If all is fine te: (both LanguageTe.php and MessagesTe.php) can be committed to SVN
  • Done Done sl: please commit MessagesSl.php to SVN
  • Done Done ca: please commit MessagesCa.php to SVN. Grants to Martorell, SMP and Toniher. Thanks in advance!


  • Done Done no: please commit LanguageNo.php to SVN
  • Done Done nl: please commit LanguageNl.php to SVN


  • Done Done pms pls commit MessagesPms.php to SVN (minor updates, plurals inserted and import/export msgs)


  • Done Done tr: please commit LanguageTr.php to SVN
  • Done Done tr: please commit MessagesTr.php to SVN



Done Done "bpy", "pfl"


Done Done "scn"


the sections "grammar and "plural" should be transfered to special:LanguageViewer/Lv
the section "new code" should be transfered to special:MessagesViewer/Eu
about a half of these messages might be in Russian, the "fallback" language for Ossetic; these should be filtered out / deleted from special:MessagesViewer/Os
the section "new code" should be transfered to special:MessagesViewer/Sl
the section "new code" should be transfered to special:MessagesViewer/Oc
please commit a minor update to sk: