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You are reverting my changes because you think your translations are the most perfect. But when someone changes them, you are acting like a primadone, and then you undo that change (regardless of whether it is valid or not). Bad edits, umm? Give my latest change you reverted for example (1). My version: "Сматрај ниску за претрагу као регуларни израз". Your version: "Поступи са стрингом за претрагу као с регуларним изразом". Term "Treat" shold be translated as "Третирај" or "Сматрај" (Microsoft). Term "Поступи" is closer to "act", and have that meaning. Term "стринг" doesn't exist in Serbian. The word "ниска" clearly established on most of our translations projects. Microsoft are using it (1). Unfortunately, I did not find translations from Google Help site, but I also found that site (open source projects terminology in Serbian) to make sure of the translation "ниска".

+ Deletes the terminology from the portal

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BadDog (talk)00:19, 21 November 2018

They are.

Obsuser (talk)20:03, 21 November 2018