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Hi! Sorry for the late reply. In the meanwhile we created over 200 articles. Now we need to translate the interface.

There are a lot of sources, I hope this selection will suffice:

Ftillimi (talk)21:22, 10 January 2023

Thanks. I've enabled it.

If I understand correctly, you want to create a Wikipedia in it, so I've put a list of recommended projects for translation on your user page. Start from the top one, "Most important". Completing them is one of the conditions for creating a domain.

Even though it's not a requirement, I also recommend reading and translating the basic glossary: Translating:MediaWiki/Basic glossary.

I used "arbërisht" for the language name, which is what appears in the dictionary and on the request for creating the Wikipedia on Meta. Ethnologue suggests "Tarbrisht", but I didn't see it anywhere else, so I was reluctant to use it. If you think that "arbërisht" should be changed, let me know.

Good luck :)

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)14:10, 11 January 2023

Thank you! And thanks for the tips!

Yes, "arbërisht" is fine.

Ftillimi (talk)14:51, 11 January 2023