Gender support for instances of username (gsw)

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Individual messages which need gender support and don't have the GENDER keyword should be reported: maybe GENDER works already (and that's useful to note in /qqq), but it needs to be properly conveyed to translators.

As for neuter, we had a request for neuter from another German language, please add your use case/information there.

Nemo (talk)23:22, 22 August 2015

Many thanks for pointing me to the right places.

With regard to reporting: There are some messages like MediaWiki:Notification-edit-talk-page-email-batch-body2 where GENDER is already being used, but there is no mention of it in /qqq. If I understand you correctly, there is no need for reporting such a message on the Wikimedia Phabricator and I can just edit the /qqq by myself. Is that correct?

J. 'mach' wust (talk)14:05, 23 August 2015