Language names not in Unicode CLDR

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What we commonly call "Tagalog" in Wikimedia is the "Filipino" (or Pilipino) language in standards. But the language code "tl" is ambiguous, it can be considered as a macrolanguage encompassing the traditional Tagalog and the modern Filipino. Filipino has its CLDR data under its standard code as an individual language. Note that the traditional Tagalog was not written with the Latin script, and was not so much creolized with lots of borrows and important simplifications of the phonology. "tl" is not recommended, but as a macrolanguage, can be considered like "zh" for Chinese (even if most of the time it just means modern Mandarin, and most of the time in the simplified version of the Han script). "tl-Tglg" on the opposite only qualifies the traditional language (the modern Filipino is almost never written in the traditional script, and that's probably why "tl" is not standardized as including Filipino). Wikimedia makes an exception to that view on its localized sites (but not in Wiktionary which preferably uses more precise language codes).

Verdy p (talk)20:55, 3 May 2014