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This message has all content displayed when error triggerred on Commons, even {{PLURAL:$1 and everything. I removed plural option for Serbian translation to temporarily fix it, on MediaWiki:File-exists-duplicate/sr-ec. I do not know if this error is only for sr-ec but I do not believe it is the case so please check and fix English too (and sr-ec if possible to have correct consistent form with en translation). I left singular form in sr-ec because I do not know how could a file be duplicate of several files...

Obsuser (talk)16:52, 23 February 2020

Could you give an example of duplicate files on Commons pls to verify of it is a parsing error or an l10n error. Thanks.

Raymond20:22, 23 February 2020

There are no duplicate files there but when one uploads file(s) and selects image that is already uploaded this message is displayed.

Obsuser (talk)20:54, 23 February 2020

Ok, thank you. A task was already written about this error: Phab:T244406. Please still use the PLURAL in translations.

Raymond21:08, 23 February 2020

OK. Thank you.

Obsuser (talk)00:01, 24 February 2020