[[MediaWiki:Globalusage/en]] should be split in two messages

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MediaWiki:Globalusage/en should be split in two messages

This message is used in two places: as a section heading on a file description page (for example, see this) and as a page title in Special:GlobalUsage. In English, the text "Global file usage" is suitable for both places, but this does not happen in other languages, like in Portuguese. Each of the two Portuguese variants have chosen a version that is good for only one of those cases. The European Portuguese version (MediaWiki:Globalusage/pt) has "Utilização global de um ficheiro", which means "Global usage of a file", and is suitable only for the special page. The Brazilian Portuguese version (MediaWiki:Globalusage/pt-br) has "Uso global do arquivo", which means "Global usage of this file", and is suitable only for the section on the description page.

It would be good if there were two distinct messages: one for the heading on the file description page and one for the special page title.

Opraco (talk)13:18, 22 December 2016

Either there's already another report, or you are feel free to request at Phabricator.

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)04:49, 1 February 2017