New project: ProveIt gadget

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New project: ProveIt gadget

Hi! I'm the main developer of a Wikipedia gadget called ProveIt. The gadget is hosted at Gerrit, has its own Phabricator project, has been fully internationalized and localized to several languages. The messages are stored in JSON files, one per language. Some time ago a task was opened at Phabricator to add the gadget to TranslateWiki, but it was forgotten. Now I'd like to complete the task, but I need some help because I've been reading the documentation and I don't quite get it. I'm ready to do whatever is necessary, fast and efficiently, but I need someone more experienced to guide me. Can I get some help? Thanks!

Felipe (talk)15:45, 23 March 2017

It seems this is tracked in Phabricator:T149177, where verification has been done.

Next step is to create a patch as documented in Setup of a new project. Feel free to attempt to create such patch, I will review it. If you can't do it, we will do it at some point. Just let us know.

Nike (talk)08:15, 10 April 2017