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These resources are part of the raw HTML content of the Visual Editor, which is NOT parsed by Mediawiki to be safe (this is not visible here even if they all look safe in the source, but one could add unsafe HTML and.javascript code that could harm the wiki or the user privacy as soon as translations are uploaded from Translatewiki.net to these wikis). For this reason, you can just propose translations, and submit a ticket to have them integrated by an admin (not jsut a translation admin on this wiki, but an admin of the VisualEditor project). Use the contact link

In my opinion, such resources should still be translatable here, and it's up to the VisualEditor team to import them and scan their safety, before putting them in their source repository and deploying them with Mediawiki updates. on all other wikis.

Or they could have made these translations behave like MediaWiki content (i.e. just restricting unsafe HTML elements (like script, embed, object, iframe, style, meta, a, or other multimedia elements...) and attributes (like on*="..." eventhandlers), or unsupported HTML elements (even if they are safe like thead, tbody, tfoot), but not portable across all target HTML versions (and other rendering engines like PDF), and all browsers (including mobile, or limited smartTV browsers that are not necessarily using HTML5 or that require some browser specific-tricks), all these being possible targets that Mediawiki supports with its parser.

Verdy p (talk)16:54, 7 March 2021

Thanks for the response , I'll contact with them.

Joseph (talk)17:24, 7 March 2021

Verdy p is right for the time until a better solution feel free to post your translations here I and would be happy to add them.

Raymond18:32, 7 March 2021