To developer : Please consider adding functions to EOL search

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  • Its not about translation.

As a reader or user of thiis site, I hope two more functions to the EOL search.

1,Retaining the target word on searching box on the result page

 Sometimes, people like me make typo or add more key words to re-try the search.  
 It will help users who are not so good at the languages currently available.

2,Highlight or turn into bold the target word in the article shown

 Actually, I encountered my target word at the third line from the end of the text.
 I think it will be helpful too:D

I'm releasing bottled message...

SkyDaisy9 (talk)14:24, 14 November 2014

Thanks for the comment.

I agree that highlighting the word and preserving the word typed in would be useful features. Thanks for the suggestion.

...We'll be re-vamping search in a few months, I'll keep these in mind when we get there.

Jrice (talk)17:30, 13 January 2015