Should it be bug or issue?

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Should it be bug or issue?

I started translating the missing pieces of MantisBT into Danish, and found that all instances of "issue" has been consistently translated to "fejl" which means "bug" or "error" in English. MantisBT is a bug tracking system, but there is nowhere the mention of "bug" anywhere in the strings, they are all "issue" instead. As I understand it, this is because MantisBT these days are used for other things than bugs.

So in Danish (and any other language) we should probably translate "issue" instead of "bug". Here are the possibilities for Danish and their best translation back to English:

  • emne=subject
  • spørgsmål=question
  • problem=problem
  • udstede=to issue a book

I don't like any of the above. They don't really convey the meaning.

Can I instead translate it as "sag" which means "case" in English. Doesn't that convey the meaning better than any of the above? Or is there some other English word besides "issue" that would translate better into Danish?

Christian List (talk)18:21, 27 October 2012

You can use one of report or ticket which may be even more neutral than issue.

[1] A report is a work made with the specific intention of relaying information or recounting certain events in a presentable form.

Siebrand21:30, 27 October 2012

Report is good, I'll use that.

Christian List (talk)02:09, 12 November 2012