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Extension:CLDR / chg

Since this extension is named "Language names" it might be useful to add an information about CLDR into the description: cldr-desc ("Extension which provides localised language names based on CLDR data"): "Extension which provides localised language names" → "Provides localised language names from the "Common Locale Data Repository" (CLDR)" This proposal also includes a change for reasons of consistency in describing extensions. "Language names" should also link to the extension's page on MediaWiki for reasons of consistency. Cheers

kgh20:54, 8 October 2010

The extension credits already link to the extension documentation on mediawiki.org. No need to add redundant links.

Siebrand21:30, 8 October 2010

Are you sure? The version number links to SVN and the extension name links to CDLR. Presently there is no link to MediaWiki in the English version, not even in the credits

kgh21:39, 8 October 2010

Done Done

Siebrand16:18, 10 October 2010

Thank you! Thank you!

kgh16:50, 10 October 2010