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Yeah, cool. Perhaps

      'mwe-upwiz-error-too-long' => 'Please make this entry shorter than $1 characters.',
      'mwe-upwiz-error-too-short' => 'Please make this entry longer than $1 characters.',

Cheers and thank you for your help

kgh22:19, 9 August 2010

Incomplete. "characters" needs PLURAL support.

Siebrand22:27, 9 August 2010

Definitely. Plural support is already availabe in the current version and it is unlikely that NeilK will downgrade this. Cheers

kgh22:31, 9 August 2010

That's what I posted, but the system ate the PLURAL tag.

NeilK22:51, 9 August 2010

Nowiki the bitch :)

Siebrand22:58, 9 August 2010

Nothing seems to have happened here since "clarification". At least the internationalisation into German is up to date. I am sorry for wasting your time. Next time I would appreciate that somebody says that I should back off if there is no intention to work on this anyway. Thank you.

kgh12:09, 22 September 2010

For a while I was developing without committing to the central repository, because I'm refactoring a lot of things. As a newcomer to the MW community I was not sure how to proceed when I knew that things were going to be broken for a long time; the strongest community value seems to be "only commit things that are working".

Anyway I just gave up and went to a branch (uploadwizard). Sorry if this seemed to you like I was not addressing your concerns.

NeilK15:03, 23 September 2010

Hi NeilK, the easiest way is always to provide a brief information. In most cases it is totally acceptable if there are reasons. If there is no information at all, it is not possible to evaluate a situation. This leads to a misunderstanding like in our case. I am sorry in case I was a bit too brisk. Cheers

kgh21:15, 23 September 2010