Pot and kettle? :)

    Here I am, back from a good weekend.

    Siebrand, you're right getting consensus on this should take more than me and Rancher. Otherwise translatewiki might be getting some translations fuzzy over and over, when sysops stop by to edit a few translations (yeah, doesn't happen too often). Since my time for this rally is up, I'll give directions what is best thing to do. Taken that the conventions should be created in collaboration with the community that exists on the sr.wiki, here is how we're doing it:

    In short:

    1. A proposal should be written and posted there as a subpage. Also a post in the village pump should be made so that people feel invited. My suggestion is Rancher makes it better defined, stated and elaborated than the page here.
    2. Let us have it discussed.
    3. If people agree it is fine to go out like that, we'll have it voted. Otherwise, it will need to be amended.
    4. Successfully chosen policy can be copied here. Everything else will need amends.
    5. That's called a legit policy.

    Sounds fair, eh? ;) In case Rancher refrains from insulting phrases like the ones I pointed out up there, the process will probably not be delayed by having him blocked over and over.

    Mihajlo talk08:15, 13 August 2012

    I don't think this is the correct way to go. The Wikipedia community of editors isn't needed for input on localisation of software -- not only MediaWiki, but all products that are being translated in translatewiki.net.

    To keep things simple and short, I think you should approach whoever has contributed to the sr translations here in the past. Portal:Sr will contain a partial list. You can send them an e-mail and leave a note on their talk page.

    Siebrand11:25, 13 August 2012