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Hi Armando,

I think you shoud start responding in this thread. VegaDark is currently thinking they are being ignored, and has complained to your preceived translation practices (i.e. using machine translation and not correcting it properly). These things should be sorted out, even if you think it's difficult to deal with.

P.s. feel free to continue the conversation in Spanish. I'm only interested in a productive outcome.

Siebrand10:21, 22 December 2012

Hello Siebrand and VegaDark,
I'm sorry for my late reply.
1- In relation to the use of "Tú-Usted": I had read there is no a preferred form (Portal_talk:Es#Tuteo).
When VegaDark said me that "usted" is not adequate, I only translate "you" as "tú-vosotros".
2- In relation to the translation of URL addresses: I thought they must no be translated or localized. VegaDark informed me that Wikia-Spanish has its own structure and URL's in it must redirect to Spanish corresponding pages.
I apologize for not responding before to Vegadark, but I tried follow its indications. I didn't ignore him, not at all.
3- When I started to work in Translatewiki (20-jan-2012), there was thousand of messages pending of translation into Spanish. I remember that there was no editions for the 30 days before. In fact, it was the reason for my participation, even though my English level is not advanced. 4- So, if my contribution to TW is a problem to other translators or the project, I finish it. I think it was not necessary write about it in Portal_talk:Es#Traducciones automáticas; a simple message in my talk page is enough to me.
Sorry for the inconveniences. Feel free to modify or directly delete my translations.
Best wishes. Armando-Martin (talk) 19:53, 28 December 2012 (UTC)

Armando-Martin (talk)19:53, 28 December 2012