Would you please tell me who are you?

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What about this? !!FUZZY!!لا إشعار كهذا. It's copied directly from Arabic, in addition to the word “!!FUZZY!!”. It is not translated into Egyptian. If copying is inevitable, then please copy from the English.

Another unrelated issue: When I press on the button “Show preview” on this page, what I typed dissappears & the page becomes all white! I had to type my reply twice. The same happened with me when I tried to start the new section.
Dudi03:17, 14 February 2010

Please talk to User:Meno25. He has been making mass imports to arz based on changed ar translations. For StatusNet the authors can change from the original author to FuzzyBot because of small changes to message contents or new messages that had a fuzzy match.

"Show preview" in LiquidThreads is broken, indeed. We reported it to the author of LiquidThreads (User:Werdna) over a day ago, together with three other issues related to LiquidThreads (previews broken, permalink broken, narrow screen oddness, "PHP Notice: Undefined variable: e in /classes/View.php on line 618").

Siebrand09:23, 14 February 2010