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Dear Jopparn, I want to know if language I used is valid about new context, because Tarandine hasn't ISO-639 code so all translations outside the MediaWiki scope will be discarded.

Thanks in advance.

Joe Taras (talk)07:37, 26 May 2015


I am not sure if I understand your question. On Wikidata you can pick Tarandine as your language and add descriptions, and that would be great! :-) Currently a full 294 labels are left untranslated. Also, Italian still have 72 labels left to translate.


Jopparn (talk)07:59, 26 May 2015


I start to translate. A question. My translation progress (list of pages updated by me) is automatically or I must write it?

Thanks in advance

Joe Taras (talk)10:05, 26 May 2015


You have to add your contributions manually I'm afraid.

Kind regards,

Jopparn (talk)23:49, 26 May 2015