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Dear Nemo!

Erdemaslancan is a born Zaza, but he can't speak it properly and writes accordingly. He also speaks no other language than Turkish. He feels personally attacked and reacts only emotional. His statements on this issue don't represent the reality.

Even worse, he used different user names.

Apparently he has no other employment except to be online for 24 hours. I admit he has the portals and templates partially done well, but in the translation, he is very weak, because he can Zazaki simply not good enough for that.

I am one of the admins, how can I allow that the whole project is ruined because of him? For almost two years ago, I discuss in facebook about this issue with him, but he is so stubborn and defiant and does his own thing on and on. Greetings!

Mirzali (talk)09:59, 4 July 2012

Tı hezar merdumi biya rê mı ver zi fayde nêkeno, Mı ra duri vındı, Hezar hesab zi akera edo tım u tım tiyad ba.

Erdemaslancan (talk)10:14, 8 July 2012