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His boldness is unsurpassable. He threatened me with the following citation: Even if you are inciting thousands of people against me, it will not help you. Stay away from me! I'm still openning thousend accounts and will always be here again.

Mirzali (talk)13:40, 9 July 2012

Hewesê xo bıgi, seni ke kenê bık, Edo keydê xo deya, êdê birê mırê sekerê. Nê hesabi blokê kerê jewna akena, aqılê toyo qay ser nêşno. :)

Erdemaslancan (talk)20:08, 9 July 2012
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Dear participants! This matter has unfortunately again escalated. He is playing a double game. He used different user names and lies there still. His conflicting answers and his demeanor betrayed him very much. Please, read it here!

Mirzali (talk)10:04, 2 September 2012