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I'm curious about your babel. Do you ever read the Wikipedia in Slovak? How hard is it for you to understand their articles?

Nemo (talk)22:12, 9 August 2016

For Czech speaking people it is easy to understand Slovak.

Dvorapa (talk)12:43, 10 August 2016

Thanks to you too. :)

Nemo (talk)13:44, 10 August 2016
Mormegil (talk)07:45, 11 August 2016

Shouldn't we set them as MediaWiki fallback language for each other, then?

Nemo (talk)07:53, 11 August 2016

For pywikibot it has been already set as a fallback language, therefore it could be for MW too, what do you think @Mormegil, Matěj Suchánek, and Danny B.:?

Dvorapa (talk)11:21, 11 August 2016