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Maybe he stoped writing in latin form, but you should understand that he knows Lezgin language poor. Yes, he is Lezgi descent, but if you know what I mean, he have C- or D in his own language. And he continues doing mystifications. For example, here - Коллекциди тlор. The root of the first word is Коллекция (Collection) and with ending it must be Коллекцияди. Secondly, he use small latin L for letter palochka - Ӏ - this is absolutely wrong. Well, many lezgins using Latin letter for Palochka, but it is allways letter I (i), not L (l). It breaks down search requests. There are just 2 examples in 2 words, and he doing misstakes regularly.

Soul Train (talk)22:27, 15 February 2013

Hello, using L instead of I or 1 seems an obvious problem even to me. The article on Wikipedia doesn't explain what's the acceptable usage in common language, though: it only says that in the past 1 was used and that sometimes even I is missing from keyboards (?), but not that I is often used as an alternative while L is not. I really appreciate that you've kept your contributions and corrections constructive here, because when we see edit wars and attacks instead of calm corrections things tend to get worse. Is it possible to recruit some more lez translators?

Nemo (talk)03:42, 16 February 2013

Of course, we have very active user - administrator - Aslan4ik, main author of all Lezgi-WP featured articles. I'll talk with him and I think he'll find the time to correct Namik/Lezgistxa's editions.

Soul Train (talk)23:09, 16 February 2013

Your reason for blocking me. Wikipedia Lezghian subjected to terror by the participants Russian Wikipedia, there are pages and pages in Russian. I have to put Lezghian Wikipedia to close.

Namik (talk)08:57, 22 February 2013

Soul Train, I don't see Aslan4ik or others translating: Special:SupportedLanguages/lez. Can you find someone?

Nemo (talk)06:29, 10 May 2016

Namik, do you think you'll be also able to produce more careful translations now?

Nemo (talk)20:41, 27 May 2014

translations did not always breaking the rules of grammar Lezgi. uniqueness was norushenie alphabet as Lezgin language has two alphabets: Latin is not an official.I ask to give one more chance

Namik (talk)20:51, 27 May 2014