Use translations in Spanish when no Basque available

Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Theklan

The problem is not about statistics, is about the logic below this decission. Nearly all basque speakers know Spanish, as first, second or third language. But the main point of having a Basque Wikipedia is that is not in Spanish or in French. We can have a fallout in Spanish or French, but for regular user finding something in English is like "well, this is not translated" but finding it in Spanish would be like not having this project in Basque language, as he/she is reading EU:WP BECAUSE is en Basque.

Theklan (talk)12:46, 20 February 2017

Sorry, but you are incorrect. The main point of language subdomains is to reach more people, not to exclude some people or language.

Nemo (talk)12:07, 21 February 2017