Re:Broken PO file upload

Fragment of a discussion from User talk:Txopi
  1. Go to the export page.
  2. Group: StatusNet - Core
  3. Language: eu
  4. Limit: 2.500
  5. Search
  6. Go to the import page.
  7. Choose the local file you have exported.
  8. Upload file

I got a white page (without doctype, etc.).

I have made this steps right now and it works! I get a wiki page mith the message "all done". So, it seems to work with a recently downloaded po file. Yesterday I made the same test and I am quite sure that it didn't work.

I have made another try: import this file and I get the white page. This PO file seems to be right, because msgfmt -c returns no errors yo me...

Txopi13:35, 11 March 2011

I don't know how long ago you downloaded the file, but the message group id is now out-statusnet-core instead of out-statusnet. If you are very careful you can try changing the id manually from the file.

Nike17:44, 11 March 2011

Finally, I achieved to import the translation. Thank you!

Txopi18:38, 18 June 2011

Congratulations! :)

Siebrand21:57, 18 June 2011

Not just that. Now 99,55% of the StatusNet Core is translated to basque. It would be great to be the result at Do you know when could be that?

Txopi19:09, 29 June 2011

We are translating the 1.0.x branch, so it will be visible after the release of 1.0. Should be "soon" is what I've heard for a while now...

Siebrand19:06, 17 July 2011