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iHRIS Software Suite (homepage) is a suite of open source HRIS software (Human Resources Information System). The Capacity Project developed free, Open Source HRIS solutions to supply health sector leaders and managers with the information they need to assess HR problems, plan effective interventions, and evaluate those interventions. The follow-on global project, CapacityPlus, builds on the HRIS strengthening work initiated by the Capacity Project. The code is released under the GPL license.

User Siebrand coordinates the localization of iHRIS; Sovello gives support to translators from iHRIS.


iHRIS being a human resources related piece of software, it uses some very domain specific terminology. Please check the iHRIS glossary before asking questions, and feel free to add a reference to it in the message documentation.

Recommended translation priority

Because of the way iHRIS is being used, we recommend to complete the translation of the aggregate message groups in the following order for maximum impact for users:

  1. iHRIS Manage
  2. iHRIS Common
  3. iHRIS I2CE
  4. iHRIS Qualify


iHRIS supports plural, which has to be enabled on each message needing it. Please request enabling of plural for a particular message on the talk page. The plural rules which apply are based on Gettext, and the rules for each language are described on sourceforge.


Statistics for iHRIS are updated daily.


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Open support requests

IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Com-tco-2862884e9eb7ab167fc66b9d78e6fea91d22a2e1-Person Scheduled Training Cour/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Com-tco-308139e1eccadb8630b2113ade92d058236330f4-no edit students You do not ha/en
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IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Com-tco-57c828732c266b399724a2f6e337815e0e3ef33c-edit student Edit Student/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Com-tco-6ff685d1c73b89d830e3fa44a3dbff3e0d1ea66f-s Results (Passing Score s)/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Com-tco-6ff685d1c73b89d830e3fa44a3dbff3e0d1ea66f-s Results (Passing Score s)/en (2)
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IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Com-tpr-b48f53296869d0f0108f3005a29c48be25831cc4-List of all training partipipa/nl
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-cre-189cc40c2206ee1b649acd5022b1604d4d7fcb1a-Stale/pt-br
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-cre-2ef6c65a5eb48b17447d1e4d81e854466fc5f3ce-This report view is based on t/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-fbu-862fc03e2f263c2117f02343b4ea0f7f885e4a12-Printf string used to display/fr
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-fdu-bb11230537fc42e4a11bd48fdc16cdb0d37c4cf5-Form Dump/pt-br
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-fli-99c8dee1385fd5b237d7cea2723abb4fe437f613-You may/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-lists-b3bdb60951ad5a5c64348f89d02a5075f2e03e10-View s/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-lists-b9ac46e771722edca8bcbd549ef2a731e700c471-Remapped to/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-lists-de04fa0e29f9b35e24905d2e512bedc9bb6e09e4-of/en
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IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:I2ce-tro-d855ccae209fdd222166f07e79a09d193b37c177-A role is used when creating a/en
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Qua-site-7cdea072be6b3c87282fb22bc01ef234ddd8f78d-If you have a bug report, prob/de
IHRISSupport/About iHRIS:Tra-pri-25249bcc08383dd00ae1426369c85d514a1d1073-Calender Year/en
IHRISTranslating talk:IHRIS/About iHIRIS:Com-tco-0af9d1d9d310211871b6f58e15213fd919e42f83-s on s/en
IHRISTranslating talk:IHRIS/About iHRIS:I2ce-fbu-1c6ecb89c29b632e9c6a51f0b13583bcdfa6901d-Max File Size (kb)/en
IHRISTranslating talk:IHRIS/About iHRIS:Qua-core-10de09cdb0303a4765ad7535003ddb12329b0214-mHero intgerated health system/en
IHRISTranslating talk:IHRIS/Need proper links in qqq
IHRISTranslating talk:IHRIS/Plural on iHRIS
IHRISTranslating talk:IHRIS/Unclear sense of context of messages