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Waymarked Trails is a service showing routes for hiking, cycling, mountain biking and inline skating around the world. It is based on data from OpenStreetMap displayed on a background map from OpenStreetMap and a hill shading background from Hike & Bike Map.

Source code and issues

The site backend is based on django. All source code is available under the GPL on GitHub. See COPYING for more information.

If you have corrections and feedback for the source language (English), please report them on the issue tracker on GitHub, or leave feedback here on

There is more information about the technical aspects of the localisation in the documentation on GitHub.


User:Nike coordinates the localization on Translatewiki. Sarah Hoffmann is the developer contact. Questions about the translation can be asked on the talk page.

Translations from are integrated into the software every week, and are usually live within a couple of days. Support for a language is enabled on a localisation level of 75 % or more for the user interface and 40 % for the help pages.

There are two parts of the site that need translating, the interface messages and the help pages describing the service and how content is tagged on OpenStreetMap. The interface messages are easiest and most important, please start with them.

Formatting and message syntax

The help page messages and some user interface messages use markdown for formatting. You can usually copy the syntax from the english original. Some interface messages use python formatting for variables such as "%(id)s", identified with "#, python-format" in the message documentation. Be sure to keep the python variable intact in such cases.


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  1. Translating talk:OpenStreetMap/About Osm:Wmthelp-acknowledgements.text/en