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About me

My name is Dror Snir and I'm from Israel. I work as a developer and maintainer of a new mediawiki-based website, Kol-Zchut (כל-זכות). The web site was founded by a same-named NGO, dedicated to gathering and making accessible information about civil rights in Israel. Please note that the site is currently in a closed beta and cannot be read (also: Hebrew only at this point!)

Project participation

I am planning on fixing and adding Hebrew translations to Mediawiki (in fact, I just now came over to fix a closing tag in an interface message, only to discover I've been beat to the punch... so I haven't done any good as of yet)

Contacting me

my Wikipedia alias is simply drorsnir (this is the easier contact option for non-Hebrew speakers); however, I'm mainly active on my own wiki site.

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