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I am Kouassi Konan Jean-Claude.
I currently work as a Computer Scientist Civilian at the Ministry of Environment in Côte d'Ivoire (Computer Science Department) since 2013.
I also am a Ph.D. Student in Artificial Intelligence at Bircham International University (BIU) - Madrid since 2018, in Distance Learning. According to the theme of my thesis, among others, I have for Data Engineering tasks, to collect, clean, organize and represent data from the ISO 639-3: bci (Baoulé language) for Machine Translation purposes. The representation consists in finding the best structure of data or features to use for training. If the desired data is not available, it could be necessary to set up a social networking site to encourage people to share and correct data. This is where WikiMedia enters in the game.
These activities perfectly match with the scientific methods for Data Engineering (ref. Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, 3rd Edition, 12th Impression 2018, Stuart J. Russell & Peter Norvig, Section 18.11.2) and we know that "In Artificial Intelligence an immense significance is attached to natural language and an intelligent system’s ability to use it" (ref. Introduction to Artificial Intelligence, Mariusz Flasiński, P.7, para. 1).
Baoulé is a new language here on Wikipedia and is not again available (no existing Baoulé language Wikipedia in Baoulé). There only exist pages about the Baoulé language, written in French, English, Spanish, etc. So last year (in 2019) I created the first pages in the incubator, and provided some links to allow anyone who wants to easily contribute.
I am here on for translating the Wiki interface in Baoulé and so facilitate pair translation pages with Baoulé.
The Baoulé language is pronounced "Wawle" (read "Waoulé" in French) in its origin by Baoulé speakers. But its name provided by the ISO 639-3: bci norm is Baoulé. There are twenty (20) subgroups or tribes for the Baoulé language, but all claim to understand the standard variety. Therefore, we will take the path for the standard variety.
I encourage the whole Baoulé community to not hesitate to contribute to Wikimedia Incubator and the coming translation toward the Baoulé language through the Baoulé Wikipedia. This could happen only after valid wiki pages translations (active test project and translation of the MediaWiki interface into the Baoulé language). We don’t know exactly when this will be done, in order to put the Baoulé language among the Official Wikipedias. But thereafter, everybody will be able to create Baoulé pages and translate toward the Baoulé language through the Official Wikipedias Interface.
There is a long path to follow together, even for coming generations.

Thank you very much to Amir for the translation rights.

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