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scn-4 St'utenti pò cuntribbuiri c'un liveddu quasi matrilingua n sicilianu.
it-4 Questo utente può contribuire con un livello quasi madrelingua in italiano.
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Who I am / Cu sugnu

Hello, my name is Sarvaturi, I am one of the Bureaucrats and Administrators on the Sicilian Wiktionary and the Sicilian Wikipedia.

Ciau, mi chiamu Sarvaturi, sugnu unu di li buròcrati e amministratura dô Wikizziunariu sicilianu e dâ Wikipedia siciliana.

My current mission / La mè missioni attuali

As you can read here, I must to correct the messages written in Sicilian by Pippinu, Wikice, Markos90, etc.

I mainly correct the spelling according to the Sicilian Stylistic compendium common rules (Standard Sicilian).

Beside I would like to translate all Mediawiki and its extensions from Italian to Standard Sicilian.

My former mission / La mè missioni pricidenti

I had to correct the Tonyfroio contributions (500 which were written in Calabrian dialect that is to say a beautiful Sicilian variant spoken in Calabria); TonyFroio personally asked us to control his work as you can read in [1]:

  • His asking: “Vi chiedu di dàricci na taliata” which means “I want you to read and correct it”
  • My answer: “Quannu haiu cchiù tempu, cuntrollu li missaggi” which means “When I have more time, I will control the contributions”.

Checked pages / Pàggini cuntrullati

Pages edited by Tonyfroio

  • From 26 agosto 2007 to 16 septembro 2007 (the ones I checked)
  • From 17 septembro 2007 to 2 novembro 2007 (the other ones I must check)

Pages edited by Melos

  • From ... to ... (the ones I checked)
  • From ... to ... (the other ones I must check)

Interesting pages / Pàggini ntirissanti