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This ISO 639-3 macrolanguage currently covers 5 of the following 10 languages in the Tupi-Guarani Subgroup I (part of the Southern Tupi-Guarani subfamily); these 5 languages are shown with bold characters below:

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  • Aché [guq] (endangered, moribund) (not part of the macrolanguage)
  • Xetá [xet] (endangered, nearly extinct) (not part of the macrolanguage)
  • Tupi-Guarani Subgroup I.A languages:
    • Mbyá Guaraní [gun] (threatened) ; dialectal variants:
      • Baticola
      • Tambéopé
    • Paraguay-Brazil Guarani languages:
      • Pai Tavytera [pta] (endangered, threatened) (not part of the macrolanguage)
      • Chiripá [nhd] (endangered, shifting) ; dialectal variants:
        • Apapocuva
      • Kaiwá [kgk] (endangered, threatened) (not part of the macrolanguage) ; dialectal variants:
        • Nuclear Kaiwá
        • Tembekuá
        • Teüi
      • Paraguayan Guaraní [gug] (not endangered) ; dialectal variants:
        • Jopará
        • Modern Paraguayan Guarani
        • Old Paraguayan Guarani
  • Tupi-Guarani Subgroup I.B languages:
    • Western Bolivian Guaraní [gnw] (endangered, shifting)
    • Chiriguanic languages
      • Tapieté [tpj] (endangered, shifting) (not part of the macrolanguage)
      • Eastern Bolivian Guaraní [gui] (definitely endangered, threatened) ; dialectal variants:
        • Ava
        • Izoceño
        • Simba Guarani

In this set, the most frequent use of the macrolanguage is for Paraguayan Guaraní [gug], in its Modern dialectal variant.