24 users made a valid claim. As there was EUR 900 to divide, each user will get EUR 37.50. This sum includes any transfer costs that have to be made. Please *ONLY* mention your address or bank details in an e-mail to Siebrand, and check the URL. It should be

The two users that contributed the most valid translations have been awarded a EUR 50.00 bonus each. These users are Hanberke and Vito Genovese. They will each be receiving EUR 87.50.

Payment made

  1. Bjankuloski06
  2. ChrisPtDe
  3. Firilacroco
  4. Gaoxuewei
  5. Hanberke
  6. Imre
  7. Joetaras
  8. Liangent
  9. Matěj Grabovský
  10. Nghtwlkr
  11. Prima klasy4na (not received yet - was difficult transfer)
  12. Stelistcristi
  13. Vito Genovese
  14. Woraponboonkerd
  15. YaronSh
  16. Yekrats
  17. ZeiP
  18. Haqmar

Alternative beneficiary

Wikimedia Netherlands

  1. Dragonòt
  2. Meno25

Stichting Open Progress

  1. Naudefj

Payment in progress

  1. Veeven

Requested payment details


  1. Turin
  2. Y-M D