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Something is definitely wrong with the message: https://uk.wikiquote.org/w/index.php?title=Купкеркно&action=edit but it seems that it's on the part of the parameter

Basetalkcontributions10:27, 14 August 2015

It's not the first time I look but I still don't see what's wrong. Please clarify.

Nemo (talk)20:01, 31 August 2015

«див. [статтю]». In source it's «див. [$1 довідкову статтю]»

Basetalkcontributions17:15, 9 November 2015

Oh I see, MediaWiki:Newarticletext/uk was expecting "helppage" to be a wikilink while it's an URL. Fixed by updating the translation.

Nemo (talk)16:00, 18 June 2016