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Hello We in the Chechen Wikipedia technical problems we can not log in and log off the name of the error Ishtta belhan agӀo hare (No such special page). And there is no button on the page (edit links) when I choose a different language button appears. I would like to learn how to fix all of these errors if you do not know then tell me where these problems are solved?

Умар (talk)09:56, 26 July 2013

We are waiting for new participants and journalists this problem with their entry may scare off would solve the problem as quickly as possible. Thank you.

Умар (talk)10:01, 26 July 2013

Аравалар/ялар (UserLogout, Logout) Чувалар/ялар (UserLogin, Login) similar problem in that I changed everything to please this error see here that go out when you try to visit the site please help fix the problem as quickly as possible.

Умар (talk)12:40, 26 July 2013

I ask clarifying synonyms manually update depends on whether we have new members about our wiki here now to write in gozete and to do so they were able to register.

Умар (talk)12:46, 26 July 2013

Nike points out that Аравалар/ялар and Чувалар/ялар are most likely invalid translations, This is a good example of why you should not be impatient and pressing about committing special page and namespace aliases, something that happens infrequently but regularly (every few weeks) because it requires some time and checks. I don't know if it will be possible to fix it, but please stop this disruptive behaviour.

Nemo (talk)16:24, 26 July 2013

I was there everything was in Russian I just translated into Chechen and then began these problems need to translate all the vid I do not think I'm ruining I just do not have long become translators and not know everything. Thank you.

Умар (talk)23:53, 26 July 2013

Sorry. Is not there a way to solve this problem while at Wikitravel By creating what that message is not updated then you can simply delete a long time we can not go to the site and create nmogut uchotnnye record?

Умар (talk)07:58, 27 July 2013

I asked here because we have a big problem with the entrance to the site and because it was planned to have a significant event, we had hoped to get new members since our wikipedia Soberano write in the newspaper and then someone will not be able to create accounts, and we will lose the new but I see people here not wanting to help us although I thought there page for support I understand that I myself vinovat made ​​this mistake but it had to be urgently espravit and we did not help that my of last post I write here. Good luck to all.

Умар (talk)14:47, 28 July 2013