Improvements for Serbian language

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Improvements for Serbian language

I have a few questions.

  1. Bot for "sr-el": Is it possible that someone creates bot that will copy all pages suffixed "/sr-ec" to "/sr-el" (only if "/sr-el" does not already exist or exists but is different from Cyrillic counterpart when transliterated to Latin) so that newly created pages are same as "/sr-ec" ones but transliterated to Latin script? This tool,, is good and might be useful for taking script or some sort of mediate usage. This would improve largely percent statistics as main translation tool creates pages suffixed "/sr-ec" i.e. only for Cyrillic script.
  2. Change "sr" to "sr-ec" in interface so link lead to proper places: Where to change "sr" into "sr-ec" that makes on the left menu link titled "Translation" ("Превођење"), right below logo, because now it gives no result because localization is being done in "sr-ec" and not "sr" ("Language code" field)?
  3. Main Page of Translate Wiki: This is also problem on Main Page, where statistics are 0 for some reason — maybe because "sr" is used instead of "sr-ec". Also, how convert "9.6k" into "9,6k" (comma is for Serbian) and make "поруке за превођење" displays in two lines (I tried with br but it does not expand into newline but displays as such; right now [2017/5/10 18:33] it is with newline in message, but it might not work either). Bottom "Powered by" should be made translatable.
  4. Mobile sr.wikipedia logo: Someone should implement translated image commons:File:Wikipedia wordmark sr.svg to

Also, is it possible to remove two "српски" messages in menus and elsewhere and leave only one i.e. make them different (for example, "српски / srpski" for "sr", "српски" for "sr-ec" and "srpski" for "sr-el"). It is very confusing to have two same "српски" messages... This problem is also present when choosing language on Wikimedia Commons etc. --Obsuser (talk) 16:46, 10 May 2017 (UTC)

Obsuser (talk)11:32, 6 May 2017
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Last edit: 13:54, 20 May 2017

1) Yes it is possible, but I don't have time for it.

4) This should be reported to We do not handle logo changes here.

For 2 and 3 I need to investigate more.

Nike (talk)12:05, 20 May 2017

OK, can you also change dot to comma as default separator for Serbian (especially on TW Main Page; here it is comma for Croatian and Bosnian, should be for Serbian too; maybe MediaWiki:Twnmp-stats-number-k/sr-ec and sr-el should be deleted, as those two languages have not created these pages).

Also, why there are two toolbars shown when editing this thread (at least for me)?

Obsuser (talk)17:03, 20 May 2017

I reported for the first issue.

The two toolbars has started happening recently.

Nike (talk)09:51, 21 May 2017