Nike07:10, 23 March 2011

Aside from the request being made in the wrong place, I think it should be denied. The ltg speakers will also be able to speak lv.

Siebrand07:14, 23 March 2011

But it is not so good for language... of course all we know Latvian

We have ambitions to translate all interface but for it we'd better have fallback language English

I hope you understood, thanks!

Dark Eagle09:33, 3 April 2011

No, I do not. More ltg speakers are able to read and write lv than English. IMO you are *excluding* the non-English speaking part of your target group now, regardless of your aspirations to translate all UI messages.

Siebrand11:17, 3 April 2011

1. Now our number is not so big, and we can do that 2. Many Latgalians do not accept that phrases are replaced with Latvian

Dark Eagle16:11, 4 April 2011

Do wou want to say that translating is easier with a fallback language English here at Or would you want to have English as fallback language for Latgalian in general?

Purodha Blissenbach18:46, 3 April 2011

in general

Dark Eagle19:10, 3 April 2011