New language: [en] The Talossan language / [tzl] El glheþ Talossan

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New language: [en] The Talossan language / [tzl] El glheþ Talossan

¡Azul! Could the Talossan language be enabled for localization?
The Talossan language is a very extensive constructed language with more than 28,000 words and it exists since 1980.
It has its own Wikipedia article on multiple Wikipedia editions, has its own official language regulator (Comità per l'Útzil del Glheþ (CÚG)), is supported by some major internationalization platforms (Crowdin, Transifex and Launchpad) and there is even a translation of The Hobbit in the making.
Currently there are already two names at the translators list, I read that one would already meet the needs of the rules.
Adding Talossan would probably also solve this ticket.
Soon we also want to start a Wikipedia edition here on the Incubator.
All requirements are met now.

Shortest Language code: tzl
Language name (en): Talossan
Language name (tzl): Talossan
Text direction: LTR (left to right)
Script: Latin
Fallback: English
Language portal: Portal:Tzl

Nike (talk)12:56, 22 June 2016

Given the feedback from other members in the patch I have decided to not add this language.

Nike (talk)08:43, 23 June 2016