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New project

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Last edit: 16:41, 26 June 2014

Hello. I would like to add a new project to translate website to different languages (German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.). Please suggest. Thank you.

Logins (talk)09:47, 25 June 2014

Please link the source code you want to translate (specifically, the l10n files). Remember to read Translating:New_project

Nemo (talk)16:44, 26 June 2014

Is it possible to send a file in such format:

   'prices' => 'Prices',
   'support' => 'Support',
   'logout' => 'Logout',
   'are_you_sure' => 'Are you sure?',
   'are_you_sure_delete' => '<span style="color:red;font-weight:bold;">WARNING!!!</span> <br /><br />You are about to delete<br /><br />',

and get the result in?

   'prices' => 'Цены',
   'support' => 'Поддержка',
   'logout' => 'Выход',
   'are_you_sure' => 'Вы уверены?',
   'are_you_sure_delete' => '<span style=""color:red=>font-weight:bold=>"">ВНИМАНИЕ!!!</span> <br /><br />Вы собираетесь удалить<br /><br />',

Thank you.

Logins (talk)16:13, 3 July 2014

I recommend using a simpler file format, like the Java properties file format. Also, messages should contain as little markup as possible.

Nike (talk)20:00, 3 July 2014

So, do you have a public repository yet?

Nemo (talk)13:42, 18 June 2016