Request for a new language: Obolo (Andoni) [[[Portal:Ann|ann]]]

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Request for a new language: Obolo (Andoni) [ann]

Please can someone enable localizations for Obolo language, and also grant me the right to translate. The ISO 639-3 code is ann.

Katelem (talk)23:44, 22 June 2020

I made the correct page Portal:Ann and prepared the code for its classification.

Still, I did not enable the language (I cannot do it myself).

Verdy p (talk)05:18, 26 June 2020

Thank you. But what am I supposed to do now? Can you please contact someone who can do it, or is it already at their table for action?

Katelem (talk)20:22, 27 June 2020

Wait for an admin to enable the translation. When this is done the "disabled" warning message can be removed from the few pages related to this language. Note that I have also updated the page listing Languages by language family, by expanding the sections for African languages (it is still incomplete, but your language is listed properly in its group). I maintain this page in sync so that it lists and organizes all languages. Languages are also sorted by script, countries (with official status if it applies).

All scripts that are usable on this wiki are those listed in ISO 15924 that are not shown in red (blocked as it is special, or still not encoded in Unicode) or orange (still no known Unicode font to support it, usually a script encoded in Unicode should have at least one font in the "Noto" family, or the script was recently encoded and open fonts are still in development and rarely there will be other free fonts conforming to Unicode to support the script and this wiki requires Unicode support and correct coverage in a free font to support the languages written with it).

Verdy p (talk)22:47, 27 June 2020

Ok. Thanks.

Katelem (talk)00:29, 29 June 2020

This is now enabled.

For example, you can start translating MediaWiki to Obolo at

Amir E. Aharoni (talk)08:03, 1 July 2020

I just removed the "disabled language" notices in the portal and related categories (@Amir E. Aharoni except one which is unexpectedly "locked while there are pending changes", but this is locked since several days and the lock has been kept even if the job queue is empty, so I cannot edit it to remove this notice in; this is a bug of this wiki, inside the Semantic extension which sometimes forgets some delayed jobs).

Verdy p (talk)12:07, 8 July 2020

Can someone help look into this issue: I've been checking on it but it's not been enabled since then. It still shows "disabled".

CC: @Amir E. Aharoni and @Verdi p


Katelem (talk)14:09, 19 July 2020

As I already said above, this page is locked since its initial creation because of a bug. It cannot be edited to remove the notice.

Only a site admin may be able to fix it using an admin tool (It was said they should edit the page using the "ReplaceText" extension, which forced changeing the page content, but requires making an actual change). I cannot test if this solution works (various people on other wikis have said that even this solution was not always removing this lock; and the "ReplaceText" extension is dangerous; it's not accessible on this wiki except by site admins themselves)

This is a known bug of SemanticMetaWiki (which sets an incorrect status on the page without creating the necessary job in the job queue to remove this status once the job has run), signaled since long, not solved.

I cannot do anything.

This is occuring in some other category pages as well (each time when adding/removing a category); and it occurs randomly in an unpredictable way (even on a new page created once and never edited later, this lock may remain). SemanticMediWiki (not Mediawiki) is the cause of this bug.

Verdy p (talk)15:05, 2 August 2020