Request: Enabling Nias language

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Request: Enabling Nias language

Hi, I am interested in developing a Nias version of Wikipedia that is currently in Incubator.

>> ISO 639-3: nia >> Language name: Nias (English), Li Niha (Nias) >> Writing system: Latin with some accented letters, written LTR

Nias is spoken in the island of Nias off Sumatra coast in Indonesia by about 1 million people. It has been studied extensively by linguists for its unique phonological inventory.

Masjawad99 (talk)20:46, 11 July 2018

No fallback suggestion? Keep fallbacking to English, or why not fallback to e.g. French?

Liuxinyu970226 (talk)23:42, 17 July 2018

This language is enabled.

Nike (talk)12:18, 6 August 2018