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Translation checks

Please tell me, I've joined this project to help with Ukrainian localization. I can translate everything myself, and check other people's translations, but I cannot check my translations. How to deal with this, or do I need one of the Ukrainian users to write about it? DDPAT (talk) 19:37, 2 July 2021 (UTC)

DDPAT (talk)19:37, 2 July 2021

You cannot mark your own translations as checked. This is an optional quality assurance feature and it is not a requirement. But feel free to ask other Ukrainian translators for feedback.

Nike (talk)07:46, 5 July 2021

Am I prohibited from creating another account in order to check the changes made by me?

DDPAT (talk)10:28, 29 July 2021

Yes, that would be against the intention of the feature.

Why would you want to do that? You are free to do another pass on the translations and correct any mistakes you notice and to ensure consistency, but without marking them explicitly as reviewed.

Nike (talk)10:31, 29 July 2021

It's not that I want to do this, just how to ask about it. And besides, at the moment practically no one is active in the Ukrainian translation, except for me and (recently) one administrator.

DDPAT (talk)22:34, 31 July 2021