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Hello I want to translate places which your can see in images.

50 50 50

09:44, 8 July 2016

Did you try the translation search? Did it find those messages?

12:33, 12 July 2016

Yes I searched. But I couldn't find.

12:37, 12 July 2016
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I'm also having same problem. So asking the authors of UploadWizard:

@NeilK, Jeroen De Dauw, MarkTraceur, Kaldari, Drecodeam, Yuvipanda, and Mdale: how can I find em?

05:32, 13 July 2016

So Please some find the way of this translation.

08:32, 13 July 2016

I may got it: Mwe-upwiz-almost-finished ("Processing files…")

(not very sure, maybe first only, because there's lack of translations from devanagari script languages)

07:37, 18 July 2016