Категория again

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Категория again

My Russian-Tyvan dictionary shows категория, бөлук, and черге. Mediawiki currently uses бөлук. My friend, Baylan Cannol, suggested that черге is better. Let us consider what translators on here and incubator think about категория, бөлук, and черге. Then pick one and use it everywhere in Mediawiki. I like either бөлук or черге because категория is borrowed from Russian.

Sborsody (talk)22:57, 30 November 2012

Thanks for attention! "Бөлүк" is traditionally correctly translates as "группа". Also social examination of this word in Internet refers to an impossibility of such translating.

"Черге" - let me examine this case. Cuz I don't hear this word in same meaning.

Agilight (talk)05:20, 1 December 2012