Completing most used messages

Completing most used messages

Hi, As per Konkani(gom-deva) has a some more messages not translated. As per the, Konkani community need to try to translate these messages so that the wiki will have a consistent localization. I am contacting you because I saw you being very active on incubator and for translation here(Good work!). I am a member of language committee and we are considering Konkani wikipedia proposal. Thanks

Santhosh.thottingal (talk)11:59, 12 March 2015

Thanks Darshan kandolkar for your translations! Only 56 priority messages left and some 50-100 core messages to reach 18 % in core stats. :)

Nemo (talk)09:04, 2 May 2015

Thanks for your help, gom-deva now reached the minimum localisation level!

Nemo (talk)15:50, 31 May 2015