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In your recent edits I'm seeing little discussion but several reversions, often with poor arguments ("because this Wikipedia does so" is usually not a good argument for a MediaWiki translation).[1][2]

So it seems I was not clear enough and I've now removed your translator rights again. You can now discuss with the other translators on portal talk:pt and find a solution for the words which have caused that edit warring. When you're done, let me know.

Nemo (talk)05:57, 23 July 2018

Why only me? The other user has not even tried to talk about this, as you can see from the edit summaries. In cases where he did, I corrected my own editions [1] [2] [3]. Do you think it's fair always only punish me? I've presented dictionary sources, what else do I need to do?

VítoR (♪)10:32, 23 July 2018

And now you don't answer? I'm waiting to know your criteria for removing a user's rights only when for an edit warring it takes two.

Am I supposed to have to wait for someone to respond to the topic before you give me back my translator rights? Because clearly that doesn't look like it's going to happen.

VítoR (♪)10:02, 25 July 2018

As I stated previously, you'll need to show that you're able to collaborate with other translators on this wiki (not just with one person). Discussion pages and the glossary are your opportunity to do so and suggest improvements to existing translations. I'm sure I don't need to explain you how discussions work on a wiki.

Nemo (talk)06:09, 30 July 2018

Glossary has made by him only! Do I need to explain to you that's not how we do things on a wiki? I want to be able to translate too, not just suggesting improvements. I was translator years before you're decide that I was an enemy.

And by the way are you the only user who's in charge of all decisions?

VítoR (♪)14:28, 30 July 2018