Regarding 'Great Confusion' of Interface Messages on Sanskrit Wikipedia

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Regarding 'Great Confusion' of Interface Messages on Sanskrit Wikipedia

Hello Santhosh. I want to get some info on a problem. On Sanskrit wikipedia there used to be a logentry message roughly like '$1 इत्येतत् $2 इत्येतत् प्रति चालितम्'. Perhaps it was under mediawiki:logentry-move-move, and since this page was never created locally on, so it implies that it existed on, under Sanskrit translated group of course. Now, presently when i am checking about its condition on translatewiki, I find that logentry-move-move/sa has only no existence, it is showing its affiliated language version i.e. Hindi version. Even its history is not there on translatewiki. So weird thing is, where did the previous version go? The fact that there existed a Sanskrit version of logentry-move-move is proven by the fact that there are old entries of log (related to page-moves) which were recorded in Sanskrit. e.g. see my contributions onविशेष:योगदानम्/Hemant_wikikosh ; here once upon a time i changed name of सर्वविज्ञानकोशः to विश्वकोशः and the message was in Sanskrit. But presently, the Sanskrit version of logentry-move-move:
1. Neither exists on, where it shows that it is a non-existent page and was never 'created and deleted' in past
2. Nor it exists on, where it is currently using corresponding Hindi message.
Plz help me find whereabouts of my previously translated version of this message. (I am talking about one message, but same was the fate of several other messages, which can be recovered if this single message is tracked well.) Thanks. -Hemant wikikosh1 (talk) 15:19, 8 March 2012 (UTC)

Hemant wikikosh1 (talk)15:19, 8 March 2012

It is probably at MediaWiki:1movedto2/sa. In 1.19 we added the username as parameter to the message and we had to introduce a new message for it.

Nike (talk)21:23, 8 March 2012