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My name is Anthony Fok 霍東靈. I was born in Hong Kong, and have been involved in Chinese i18n/L10n work on-and-off since becoming a Debian developer in 1997.

I am also an avid Wikipedia reader, and while I do not write a lot, I try my best to correct any mistakes that I find.

I was migrating my home MediaWiki installation from my old notebook to a new one, and noticed a problematic: the original English message talks about about the unavailability of the intl PECL extension (see MediaWiki:Config-unicode-pure-php-warning), but the incorrect Chinese translation: “intl PECL扩展无法处理Unicode正常化” implies that the inability of intl PECL extension to handle Unicode normalization, which is definitely false (see MediaWiki:Config-unicode-pure-php-warning/zh-hans). I eventually discovered that an "apt-get install php5-intl" makes the warning goes away, but I can see many other Chinese users getting utterly confused, just like I was. That's why I am here!  :-)